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this work is a photographic homage to san francisco.
I explore the city and take snapshots of things, people, situations, and places that attract me. I'm not interested in taking perfect renderings of reality, but more in collecting impressions and expressing my feelings, my thoughts, which are connected to the city and to my life in california. while taking pictures, I won't care about the quality of the single photograph. It doesn't matter, if the pictures are blurry, noisy, too dark, or too bright. The only thing that matters, is my connection to the moment, my expression of feelings, my being in san francisco.
later, when I come home from my walk through the city, I start looking, which pictures work best together, which pictures complete one another. in the end, after a process of decisions making, I have created a virtual multiple exposure. a multiple exposure, which is more a collection of time, than a capturing of a 1/60 of a second, which is more a memory, than a precise rendering of a certain moment and place. like in my own memory, some pictures will be in the foreground, dominating the whole scene, while others are hidden and only visible on a second glimpse.
in the end, I definitely tell in colorful pictures about the diversity and liberty of the city, about my feelings and thoughts about san francisco.