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the ocean is a place and a space, which attracts me since my
early childhood. on the one hand side, I have taken pictures of
the ocean because it has a personal importance to me, but also
because of the beauty that lies in the simplicity of the subject.
because of the change of light and the change of weather, my
seascapes look never the same. the reason that sky and ocean
are always in the same place and only divided by the horizon,
makes the movement of time, the movement of clouds and
waves more obvious and more beautiful.

finally, seascapes are very much connected to a specific moment
and a specific location. the same waves and clouds will never again
and nowhere else be in the same constellation. but at the same time,
the on-looker will never be able to tell where and when the picture is
taken. seascapes show no reference to a specific period of time or
a specific location. they are at the same time finite as well as infinite.

I‘ve used the pinhole camera to create a different aesthetic to the
usual photographic picture. with the help of a slit pinhole, I was taking
images, which are blurry and distorted. this technique gave me the
opportunity to capture photos that concentrate on color and shape,
that show an abstraction of reality. the world is still recognizable, but
no details interrupt the on-looker from the aesthetic experience of
form and light.