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On November 20, 2007, the news of my grandmother‘s
death reached me. Since I was traveling through the Jordan
desert, my need of a farewell stayed unfullfilled. This project
is now my way of saying good bye to my grandmother.

At the same time, I‘m using this photographic work to build
a closer relationship to my grandfather, who now lives in
a retirement home. After the death of his wife and due to
his dementia and increasing weakness, he had to leave
their common home after 62 years of marriage.

The appartment, to which my grandperents felt themselves
closely connected, which was their home for so many years,
needed to be cleared out. The traces of their lives were
slowly removed.

I salvaged photographs that my grandfather took of his family.
They feature a glimpse into a husband‘s and father‘s point of
view on his wife and children, while taking the onlooker onto a
journey into the past.