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news _leben im sterben text
resume bielefeld: kerber verlag. 2009 look inside
Today, many people have no concrete concept of death and what it
means for them. It has become a taboo topic. In curative medicine,
for example, death is treated like an anomaly, its ultimate inevitability
ignored. At the same time, our life expectancy is increasing steadily,
and old age is experienced more and more as a period of frailty,
illness and loneliness. As a result, most people die in hospitals, on
the sidelines of society.
My work seeks to make death visible, with all the pain and suffering
that fatal illnesses entail, but also with the certainty that a final
farewell in dignity is possible. I want to show death as something
common and tangibly ubiquitous in the real world.
My project shows people living in a hospice over a period of one year.
People come, people go. Some stay longer, others shorter. The
course never follows a straight line. The seasons change, the light
changes, the colours change. The people live their lives, become
weaker, die. Some of them get to know and like others in the
hospice. For the individual, the story of life always ends with death.
For others, for family members, for people outside this experience,
life goes on.
People die. People are born.